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Cheap Flights Los Angeles To Hawaii

cheap flights los angeles to hawaii

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  • A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (also known as a no-frills, discount or budget carrier or airline) is an airline that generally has lower fares.

    los angeles
  • a city in southern California; motion picture capital of the world; most populous city of California and second largest in the United States

  • Los Angeles Union Station (or LAUS) is a major passenger rail terminal and transit station in Los Angeles, California.

  • A city on the Pacific coast of southern California; pop. 3,694,820. It is a major center of industry, filmmaking, and television

  • Los Angeles is the capital of the province of Biobio, in the municipality of the same name, in Region VIII (the Biobio region), in the center-south of Chile. It is located between the Laja and Biobio rivers. The population is 123,445 inhabitants (census 2002).

  • The largest island in the state of Hawaii

  • the largest and southernmost of the Hawaii islands; has several volcanic peaks

  • A state in the US that is comprised of a group of islands in the North Pacific Ocean, about 3,000 miles (4,830 km) west of mainland US; pop. 1,211,537; capital, Honolulu (on Oahu); statehood, Aug. 21, 1959 (50). First settled by Polynesians, Hawaii was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1778. It was annexed by the US in 1898 and is a popular vacation destination

  • a state in the United States in the central Pacific on the Hawaiian Islands

  • (hawaiian) the Oceanic languages spoken on Hawaii



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Hawaii 019

Hawaii is the rainbow state!

cheap flights los angeles to hawaii

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